Who is Ysabel Jordan? Family, Career, Height, Net Worth 2024

Ysabel Jordan is the beloved daughter of the legendary basketball player Michael Jordan. Born in 2014 in New York City, Ysabel has been blessed with loving and famous parents and twin brothers Jeffrey and Marcus.

With a unique and beautiful name and a special ring, Ysabel is already making waves as a star kid. But she is more than her father’s daughter – Ysabel has a diverse heritage that makes her one-of-a-kind.

Ysabel Jordan Biography/wiki

Quick Info & Wiki
Full Real NameYsabel Jordan.
Stage NameYsabel.
Famously Known asTen years old.
Birthday (DOB)February 09, 2014.
Age (as of 2024)10 years old.
Zodiac SignAquarius.
Place of BirthThe United States of America.
Gay or LesbianNo
Current ResidenceNew York City, USA
ParentsFather: Michael Jeffrey Jordan.
Mother: Yvette Prieto
SiblingsTwin-sister: Victoria Jordan
Half-brothers: Jeffrey Jordan and Marcus Jordan
Step-sister: Jasmine Jordan
Personal Life
Marital StatusUnmarried
Past Affair(s)
BoyfriendName not available
Highest QualificationStudying
CollegeNot yet

Who is Ysabel Jordan

Who is Ysabel Jordan? Family, Career, Height, Net Worth 2024

Ysabel Jordan shines as the daughter of basketball icon Michael Jordan. Born in the vibrant city of New York, she steps into the limelight with grace. Her life, enriched by a blend of cultures, stands out in the world of celebrity kids.

With a strong legacy behind her, Ysabel navigates her young life under the watchful eyes of the public. Yet, she remains more than just her lineage.

As she grows, her identity unfolds, promising a blend of her parents’ traits and her unique path. Her journey, closely watched, sparks curiosity about her future footsteps.

Ysabel Jordan Education

Ysabel Jordan’s educational journey is still unfolding. As a young child, her schooling choices are closely watched.

She likely attends a prestigious institution due to her parents’ resources and educational emphasis.

Private schooling is a common choice for those in her position, offering tailored learning experiences.

Her curriculum may include diverse subjects, reflecting her multicultural heritage. It’s an exciting time for Ysabel, exploring new ideas and developing skills.

For her, education isn’t just about academics; it’s about becoming well-rounded. Her school days are filled with potential, setting the stage for a bright future.

Ysabel Jordan Family

Who is Ysabel Jordan? Family, Career, Height, Net Worth 2024

Ysabel Jordan is part of a well-known family. Her father, Michael Jordan, is a basketball legend. Her mother, Yvette Prieto, comes from a modeling background. Together, they create a vibrant household.

Ysabel has twin brothers, Jeffrey and Marcus, who share a strong bond. The family’s public appearances often capture hearts. Their unity is evident at various events.

This dynamic family showcases a blend of sports, fashion, and strong familial ties. Ysabel’s place in this diverse family adds to her unique persona. Her heritage is a rich tapestry, contributing to her individuality.

Ysabel Jordan Husband/boyfriend

Ysabel Jordan is much too young at the moment. She’s focused on her childhood. Relationships are far from her current priorities. Her life, instead, is filled with family, education, and exploration.

In the future, she may find someone special. But for now, her story is about growing up. Surrounded by love and guidance, she navigates her youth. The world watches with interest.

Her path, undoubtedly, will be her own to choose. The idea of dating is a chapter that has yet to begin. And when it does, it will be another exciting turn in her journey.

Ysabel Jordan Body Measurements & Physical Appearances

HeightFeet & Inches: 3′ 7″
Centimeters: 115 cm
Meters: 1.15 m
WeightKilograms: 21 Kg
Pounds: 46 lbs
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown
Body Measurements (Breast-waist-hips)22-20-23
Bra Size
Shoe Size (US)2
Who is Ysabel Jordan? Family, Career, Height, Net Worth 2024


Ysabel Jordan’s ethnicity is a fascinating mix. Her father, Michael Jordan, is African-American. This heritage ties her to a rich history of resilience and achievement.

On the other hand, her mother, Yvette Prieto, is of Cuban descent. This adds a vibrant cultural layer to her identity. Together, these backgrounds blend beautifully in Ysabel.

They give her a unique perspective on the world. For Ysabel, her dual heritage is a source of pride. It influences her upbringing, introducing her to diverse traditions. Indeed, Ysabel’s ethnicity is a bridge between two worlds. It promises to enrich her journey in life.


Despite her young age, Ysabel Jordan captivates many with fascinating trivia. She shares her birth date with notable figures, adding a fun twist to her story.

Interestingly, she’s named after a Spanish princess, hinting at her parents’ creative inspirations. Beyond her famous lineage, Ysabel shows a keen interest in various activities.

From her first steps, captured by eager cameras, to her current hobbies, her life is full of intriguing snippets.

Additionally, she enjoys a special bond with her twin brothers, showcasing a tight-knit family dynamic. Ysabel’s journey, peppered with unique facts, keeps fans eagerly watching for more.

Before Fame

Long before stepping into the limelight, Ysabel Jordan’s story began. Her entry into the world caught her attention from day one. Born to celebrity parents, her life was destined to be out of the ordinary.

From her first breath, she was part of a legacy. Yet, her childhood remains uniquely hers. The early years were filled with quiet moments away from public eyes.

Family gatherings, private celebrations, and personal milestones marked her journey. Each experience, big or small, played a role in shaping her.

Ysabel’s path, though influenced by fame, holds its course. Her story, still unfolding, started with whispered anticipation.

Ysabel Jordan Career

Who is Ysabel Jordan? Family, Career, Height, Net Worth 2024

As of now, Ysabel Jordan’s career path is unwritten. At a young age, she explores the world around her. Her future holds endless possibilities, from sports to arts. Given her parents’ success, expectations are high.

Yet, she has the freedom to choose her path. With a world of opportunities, she might follow in her father’s footsteps or carve a new path. Only time will tell where her passions lie. Her journey is just beginning, and it’s interesting to watch.

Ysabel Jordan Parents

Michael Jordan, her dad, shines globally as a basketball icon. He’s clinched countless trophies in numerous matches. Her mom, Yvette Prieto, hails from Cuba and has a modeling legacy.

She’s graced runways for top designers. In 2013, they welcomed Ysabel into their world joyfully a year later. Ysabel is often spotted with them at special gatherings and games.

Their collective presence at these events speaks volumes of their tight-knit bond. This family unit, grounded in love and fame, navigates life’s spotlight with grace.

Grandfather – James Raymond Jordan

James Raymond Jordan, a pivotal figure, shaped a legacy. Though he passed in 1993, his influence endures. As Michael Jordan’s father, he nurtured dreams. A baseball enthusiast, James inspired athletic pursuits.

Despite Michael choosing basketball, James’s support never wavered. This foundational backing fostered Michael’s unparalleled career. Ysabel, born long after James’s passing, inherits this rich history.

Her grandfather’s passion and encouragement live on through the achievements of the Jordan lineage. James Raymond Jordan’s story intertwines with Ysabel’s, underscoring the lasting impact of familial bonds across generations.

Real Name

Who is Ysabel Jordan? Family, Career, Height, Net Worth 2024

Many are familiar with her as Ysabel Jordan. Indeed, that’s her authentic identity. Her parents chose this distinct, enchanting name. It echoes her dad, Michael Jordan’s, renown, linking her to greatness.

The name Ysabel Jordan evokes images of the basketball legend’s vibrant daughter. It’s fascinating how a name can shape perceptions. Ysabel cherishes her name, reflecting her unique heritage and promise.

So, when you hear Ysabel Jordan, know it signifies more than just lineage; it’s a testament to her individuality and future potential.

Life as a Star Kid

Being Ysabel Jordan comes with its perks. She enjoys glamorous events, rubbing shoulders with celebrities. These experiences enrich her young life. Yet, Ysabel’s every day is surprisingly normal.

School days, homework, and playdates fill her schedule. She cherishes her toys and games, much like her peers.

Her world is a delightful blend of glamour and simplicity. Importantly, Ysabel navigates this dual life with ease.

She finds joy in both her extraordinary and ordinary moments. Thus, her journey is uniquely captivating, seamlessly balancing star-studded events and kid-friendly fun.

Legacy and Impacts

Who is Ysabel Jordan? Family, Career, Height, Net Worth 2024

Ysabel Jordan’s presence extends beyond her family’s fame. Indeed, she inherits a remarkable legacy from her father, Michael Jordan. However, her influence grows as she captivates many with her genuine warmth and charisma.

Each public appearance showcases her endearing qualities, touching those around her. Gradually, Ysabel is crafting her unique footprint in the world.

Though just beginning, her journey promises to blend her heritage with her achievements. Her impact will undoubtedly evolve as she grows, shaping a legacy that complements her father’s yet stands beautifully on its own.

Ysabel Jordan’s Net Worth

Ysabel Jordan is still very young in her journey ahead. Her net worth still needs to be calculated. However, she undoubtedly benefits from her father’s substantial wealth.

Michael Jordan, her dad, has amassed about $1.4 billion. This fortune comes from his iconic basketball career, endorsements, and savvy investments. As Ysabel grows, her path may add to this legacy.

For now, her life is less about numbers and more about experiences. Yet, her future seems bright, with the potential for financial independence and success.

Ysabel Jordan’s Favorite Things

  • Outdoor Adventures

She loves exploring nature, often found in parks.

  • Sports

With her dad’s influence, she enjoys basketball games.

  • Art and Craft

Ysabel shows a creative side by adoring art projects.

  • Music

She has a keen interest in various music genres.

  • Reading

Ysabel takes pleasure in storybooks, expanding her imagination.

  • Animals

She holds a special fondness for pets, especially dogs.

  • Travel

Experiencing new cultures excites her, thanks to her diverse heritage.

  • Family Time

Above all, she treasures moments spent with her family.

Fun Facts About Ysabel Jordan

  • Ysabel Jordan has a few quirks that charm many.
  • Surprisingly, she’s ambidextrous, using both hands with ease.
  • Often, she prefers her left hand for drawing and her right for sports.
  • Additionally, she adores puzzles, mastering complex ones swiftly.
  • Despite her youth, she’s an adept swimmer, loving water activities.
  • Spring is her favorite season, captivated by blooming flowers.
  • Curiously, she’s a fan of superhero movies, dreaming of having powers.
  • Lastly, despite her dad’s fame, she’s modest about her family’s celebrity status.
  • These tidbits add layers to Ysabel’s fascinating persona, showcasing her unique blend of talents and interests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Jordan have a kid? 

Yes, Michael Jordan has children, including Ysabel.

Is Jordan a dad? 

Indeed, Michael Jordan is a father to several children.

Who does Jordan get married to? 

Jordan married Yvette Prieto in 2013.

Did Jordan ever get married? 

Yes, Jordan has been married twice.

Does Jordan have a sister? 

Ysabel Jordan has twin brothers, not a sister.

Overall View

Ysabel Jordan’s life is a captivating blend of heritage and promise. Her story, rich with cultural depth, unfolds beautifully. She navigates her young life with grace under the spotlight of fame. Yet, she embraces the simplicity of childhood joys. Education and personal growth are her current chapters. Her family’s legacy adds a fascinating backdrop to her journey.

As she grows, her interests and talents begin to shine. The future holds endless possibilities for Ysabel. Though influenced by her parents’ success, her path will be uniquely hers to forge. This blend of tradition and individuality makes her story one to watch. In essence, Ysabel Jordan is carving her niche, promising a legacy as unique and impactful as her father’s.

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